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About Louis & René

Hey There! 😊

Our names are Louis and René! We are the proud owners of


If this is the first time finding out about us, you've come to the right place.


We created this website for one simple reason. 


To give you the best timeless online principles that have worked for us.


Today we are more passionate about helping people than ever. The economy is difficult to predict and there is so much negativity and fear around.


It's 2021, and the world is changing daily as we speak. We know so many people are looking for hope. A way up and out.


As traditional means of earning an income start to disappear. The way we make money will be online and for ourselves.

Louis Story

I followed the societal rules by doing the "right thing", by doing everything society expects down to a tee.


I studied after school, worked hard and became an dedicated employee. In fact I worked so hard that I basically had no life. No time for family, friends let alone holidays. In a 10 year period I had about 4 weeks of holiday. 

This did make me seem very successful, as I was living in London and was a Financial Systems Architect for a FTSE 25 Company. 

I was not happy, obese and no meaningful relationships. Then René came into my life and she joined a network marketing company by "accident".


A few weeks later we decided to give it a proper shot, and for the first time all our efforts benefited us directly and immediatly.

We wanted a lifestyle change so badly, that we just gave it our all. 

In completely the wrong direction. We did move through the ranks, but not in a smart way, just in a sheer will and determination way. 



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